Boat , Yacht and oversize cargo transport

When considering moving your boat or yacht from one place to another by land, consider this is as a complicated logistic operation. You are better off leaving it to professionals.

Bulstar Outdoor offers specialised road transportation of boats and yachts from and to any destination in Europe. We can handle any motor boat with length up to 46 feet and weight up to 20 tonnes, as well as sailing yachts up to  55 feet and weight up to 20 tonnes. We  have vast experience with oversize transport of other goods.

There is no country in Europe we have not delivered a boat to. With the most common transport destinations being boat transports to Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain and many more.

Our company has tractors, low trailers and platforms specially designed for safe transportation of vessels. Our drivers transport yachts most of the time and know how to take care of the safety of your yacht during transport. That is why you can trust our experience

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Oversize boat and yacht transports completed successfully. To and from the Mediterranean, Germany, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Luxemburg, Malta and more.

International oversize yacht transportation is a complicated process that requires a lot of steps. Here are some of the services we can complete on your behalf.

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